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Shipping Answers to Your Shipping Questions

I can't compete with Amazon. :-(


I'm a one-man-show: making the art, making the posters, managing deadlines, running the webstore, answering emails, packing each poster, getting it out the door, and all the other stuff that comes up in a normal day.


It's a labor of love, and a lot of love is put into it -- and I want you to feel the love when your poster gets to you. But this all takes time. And in the world of Amazon Prime, I recognize that's a lot to ask.


How very grateful I am that you support the arts and artists like me! And how grateful I am for your patience on shipping. Truly.


Usual shipments can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. And when there are big massive releases, it might even take 3 weeks (maybe more) to get 100's of orders all packed with love and out the door.


BUT! If you're purchasing something for a wedding gift, or a birthday, or some other thing that needs more immediate shipping, or if you have a special custom request, please let me know! Email me after your order, and I'll do everything I can to get it to you as quickly as possible. I'd love to hear from you anyway!


I know that's a bit long-winded, but I think it's better to explain it this way rather than just say "sorry, but it might be awhile" :-)


Much Gratitude, and Much Love

- James


P.S. When your order is packed and shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. This info will be sent to the email address that was used with your payment. Very important: Many times, this tracking email winds up in junk/spam folders. I have no idea why, and it's not something I can control, obviously. But just a heads up to keep an eye on your junk/spam folder in case you don't see it in your normal inbox!